Digital Wedding Invitation with integrated RSVP.

- as your own Mini Wedding Website.

We create them for you, and set everything up! It is super-easy for you.


You can send the wedding website link to your guests by e-mail, WhatsApp or text and they can RSVP online. You will easily receive your guests’ responses in your personal Google Sheet or e-mail.

What's in your
Digital Wedding Invitation

It can include:

1. Wedding Invitation

An invite page with all details and get directions to Google Maps / Waze

2. Online RSVP form

Your guests can RSVP online and you can track the responses from email or in Google Sheet

3. Further Details

e.g. Dress code, children, accommodation, transport, SOPs, love quote, etc

4. Gallery

You can put up to 5 photos



Step 2 -

We’ll create your mini wedding website in 3-5 working days and send you the link as well as your Google Sheet.

Step 3 -

Do you feel like something is missing to make it perfect? We help you revise up to three (3) rounds.

Step 4 -

You can start to send out the wedding website link to your guests by e-mail, WhatsApp, or text and they can RSVP online. Once a guest RSVPs you will receive an email notification and you will be able to view all the responses in real-time personal Google Sheet.

You don't want to go without the classic printed invitation?
Get your matching printed invitation here!